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 ANDROMAT AMX Manipulators

Henschel Andromat Inc. has the right machine for the right job... contact the A-Team today to learn more!
The New-generation taskmaster manipulators for the toughest work in the foundry and forge industry!
Redesigned and engineered the ANDROMAT AMX manipulator further enhances the robustness, ease of maintenance and ergonomics while preserving key advantages such as fluid motion, precision and sensitivity. One of its outstanding features is the endless 360° rotation of the wrist where the operator can complete any turning movement without having to bother about initial angle position and possible reversal and re-gripping operations.

Every element of the New-generation ANDROMAT was evaluated in order to meet the key objectives of durability and reliability. All bearings have been designed for the utmost robustness. The machine has been fitted exclusively with the latest generation of heavy-duty, low-maintenance, self-aligning roller bearings; with attention being paid to protecting all bearings from the intrusion of dirt and moisture: for example, the ball-turning joint of the system is grouped with a separate bypass with throughput filtration and cooling circuit which provides for main turning axis (azimuth) has been fitted with a labyrinth seal. As well, the machine base and entire working arm has been designed using the latest Finite Element Method/Finite Element Analysis (FEM/FEA) to ensure the strongest, longest lasting life available. 

Where wear and tear is intense, maintenance should be easy. For that purpose, all component adjustments and change-outs are readily accessible… lubricating points have been combined with E-Z access as well as automatic lubrication offered. The hydraulic system is grouped with a separate bypass with throughput filtration and cooling circuit which provides for thermal stabilization of the hydraulic fluid… improving the service life of hydraulic actuators and cylinders. 

The air-conditioning and fresh-air supply system already offered as standard equipment has been complemented with the addition of a dust filtering unit to further improve the working conditions. As well, the Andromat cockpit is insulated from heat and noise, as well as utilizes special metal/rubber components to dampen disagreeable low frequency vibrations. Large glass panels make for ease in operating viewing for the operator.

The industry leading ANDROMAT control system has been retained, with the combination of the control circuits for the azimuth, shoulder and elbow joints on a single printed circuit board. The HMI touch screen along with PLC controls offers ease in operations, service and diagnostics.

The discerning customer opting for an ANDROMAT AMX manipulator can be sure of receiving a proven product from a reliable partner in Henschel Andromat Inc. – Offering professional expertise in design, manufacture, system integration, training, service and quality OEM components.
Enjoy the Andromat Advantage... You deserve the best!