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Gate Breaker
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Manipulator  Gate Breaker
Hammer Grinding/Cutting


We know that no two customers are alike and neither are their requirements. We at Henschel Andromat Inc. understand this. By listening to our customer's needs, we can configure our machines for use in an array of metal casting and/or metal working areas. Don't be limited by using inferior equipment that is "close enough". Don't be forced to invent methods to have lesser equipment work for your situation. You should feel confident that your equipment supplier is thinking only of you and your application. Confident that the equipment provided was designed to work for YOU. A few of the areas we provide solutions for are:

  • Foundry
    • Pick-n-Place
    • Demolding
    • Sort
    • Degating/ Gate Breaking
    • Grinding/ Cutting

  • Forging
    • Open/ Close Die Hammer
    • Furnace Tending
    • Rolling Bar
    • Ring Mill
    • Gringing/ Cutting

  • Special Applications
    • Contact us for solutions to your unique needs.

Head over to our media page to see examples of how we'll work for you. 


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