The most innovative manipulator system for foundries, forges, and steelworks

With more than 800 systems worldwide, Henschel Andromat Inc. is the market leader for manipulators

Das fortschrittlichste Manipulatorsystem für Gießereien und Schmieden

Mit mehr als 750 Systemen weltweit ist die Henschel Industrietechnik GmbH Marktführer für Manipulatoren.

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Meet all challenges

The Andromat® AMX manipulators are available for various part weights within a wide range of working areas. As the market leader, Henschel Andromat, has more than 45 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and supply of manipulators for foundries, forges, and steelworks worldwide.

Due to our experience and modular design we can implement and fulfill your specific requirements.

Customer service has our highest priority.

Select spare parts are available at our location in Alabaster at all times, and can be delivered on site in the shortest time possible, reducing down time.

Let us tackle your individual, complex, or standardized requirements.

We look forward to speaking with you and becoming your solutions provider partner!

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Our Products

Thanks to the large variety of products, ANDROMAT® is perfectly equipped for every task.


Our Andromat® AMX manipulators have a modular structure and support both pick & place applications and fast and precise gripping. The manipulator type is specified via the component weight and the working range. Developed for foundries, forges and steelworks, even under extreme environmental conditions.

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The degating hammers have a functional structure and are easy to maintain. The required shot energy specifies the right shot hammer, which is available in a wide variety of designs (attached to the gripper, grippable, stationary or hanging on the balancer).


Turn-Tilt Tables

Different versions are available depending on the weight of the component. Our turn-tilt table is all-round and can be tilted up to 45 °. By varying the speed of rotation, the component can always be optimally made available for further processing.

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From hydraulic power grinders to electric grinders, from permanently installed grinders to a quick-change option for the grinder – our portfolio includes a large number of applications. Of course, belt grinding or various cutting functions are also abailable.

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The hydraulic shears of the type HBS / HBM are powerful and can be parameterized to the respective requirement, for example short cycle times. Here, too, we follow our philosophy: service, friendliness, and modularity; either the shear is operated stand-alone or with an Andromat® AMX manipulator.

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Carriage Technology

Each Andromat® AMX manipulator can be placed on a carriage. We adapt to your environmental conditions (track width, speed). Each trolley – whether linear, circular or special trolley – is individually adapted to your requirements.

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DQS DIN EN ISO 9001 zertifizierter Betrieb

Our manipulators offer you ergonomically designed and economical workplaces for your production and work reliably and safely under extreme environmental conditions.

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