Personalized Customer Service

Excellent service is of vital importance for your Andromat® AMX.

Thanks to our customer-focused and professionally implemented maintenance concept, you we can maintain your machine and thus increase its availability and service life. In this way we provide an extremely high level of operational reliability.

We Love Our Family (Customers)

Service personnel:

  • OEM certified employees with many years of experience
  • Fast root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • Immediate response possible via remote diagnostics (where available)
  • Treat you like family

Service-Line: 205-746-7070


After many years, mostly under extreme conditions, modernization of your manipulator may make sense.

We would be happy to advise you on optimization options such as ergonomics, performance, energy saving or safety. In addition, we ensure that your Andromat® continues to work reliably and efficiently.

Should the handling task change in the course of the service life of our Andromat®, we will be happy to assist you on site to coordinate the new task. The same applies to modifications to your Andromat®.

Spare Parts

High availability of spare parts from the Alabaster, AL warehouse:

Whether a part needs to be renewed or you want useful options – we are prepared. With our OEM parts, your Andromat® remains 100% an “original” after a repair or maintenance.

Assembly, Installation & Training

Expert repair of manipulators on site is a frequently requested by customers, which we are happy to meet with our technically skilled and experienced team.

Our training courses ensure short familiarization times, high user acceptance, operator safety, and are easily supported by our intuitive operator concept.


At a minimum, your ANDROMAT® needs an annual inspection service so that you can successfully calculate your manipulator availability and profitability. An individual ANDROMAT® maintenance contract guarantees maximum availability and a longer service life for your manipulators at a fixed price.

Remote diagnosis
Fast error analysis and troubleshooting through remote diagnosis. This reduces downtime to a minimum and saves you time and money.

We would love to talk solutions with you. Give us a call!
Phone: 205-664-2484

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Our manipulators offer you ergonomically designed and economical workplaces for your production and work reliably and safely under extreme environmental conditions.

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