Pneumatic Hammers

A wide variety of sprues can be separated from the workpiece with the pneumatic shot hammer. The distinguishing criteria for this is the energy to be used, which is represented by 3 products in our portfolio. Different methods of application, such as a stand-alone device with a balancer, accessible by the manipulator, stationary as well as permanently mounted on the gripper of our manipulators, are possible. The operation of the shot hammer can be provided in a user-friendly manner in the operator’s cabin.

Schusshammer AndromatSchusshammer Andromat
Schusshammer Andromat

Shot hammer attached to the gripper

Immediately after picking, the workpiece can be handled as desired with the gripper.

Schusshammer Andromat

Shot hammer gripped with manipulator

After the workpiece has been processed, the hammer can be put down and the workpiece can then be handled as desired with the gripper.

Schusshammer Andromat

Shot hammer on a balancer or crane

Thanks to the balanced attachment point of the shot hammer, it is always held in the optimal handling position. In addition, the balancer also serves to dampen the recoil.

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