Grinding Manipulators

With our grinding manipulators we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio. This includes both hydraulically and electrically powered grinders. Furthermore, the permanently mounted grinder can be provided with or without a quick-change system or as a gripper grinder. Our portfolio includes a wide variety of applications; standardized or customized. Of course, belt grinding or various cutting functions are also included.

ANDROMAT® AMX 40 SW-HY Change System

The Flexible Solution

Schleifmanipulator Wechselsystem

ANDROMAT® AMX 40 SE-HY Peripheral Grinding Machine

The Powerful Solution


ANDROMAT® AMX 40 SE-HY Belt Grinder

For the finest machining – use on a ship’s propeller

Andromat Bandschleifmaschine
Bandschleifmaschine am Schiffspropeller

ANDROMAT® AMX 40 SE-HY Planet Grinding Machine

For Large Areas

Andromat mit Schleifer für große Flächen
großer Schleifaufsatz

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Our manipulators offer you ergonomically designed and economical workplaces for your production and work reliably and safely under extreme environmental conditions.

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